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KOCO DC-MOTION, Inc. is a California, U.S. Corporation jointly owned by CONSTAR MICROMOTOR CO., Ltd. of China and Gerhard Kocherscheidt, Founder of KOCO MOTION, GmbH Germany.

Constar Micromotor Co., Ltd. is a high-tech motor design and manufacturing enterprise with headquarters in Futian Tian’an Hi-Tech Venture Park, Shenzhen, China. The company has two manufacturing facilities: The Shenzhen Bao’an Micromotor Factory and the Chongqing Fuling Micromotor Factory, with a combined total area of 70,000 square meters and with 1200 employees. 

For many years Constar has been supplying motors and gearmotors to several major U.S. companies and their Asian manufacturing subcontractors. 

Constar’s present manufacturing capacity is 100 million motors per year. The company’s micromotor manufacturing capability is seen as a “driving force” in the supply chain of many of their customers. Constar is competitive and supplies a high value product. The company has Global Brand Recognition in their primary markets such as: medical and healthcare devices, industrial automation and robotics, automotive, digital cameras, chemical analysis machines, security devices, avionics, optical instruments, portable construction devices, and certain military applications. Constar is continually investing in upgrading their factories to increase the level of automation for high volume motors.

Constar puts a premium emphasis on continued research and development, and seeks to hire top talent senior specialists in the mechanical and electrical/electronic engineering fields. The company also participates on a joint Sino-Japanese development team. The Company has achieved technical breakthroughs in the field of motor design and manufacturing and holds many patents in its industry. Constar firmly believes that innovation and continued development is essential for success in the Global Economy with its new opportunities and challenges. 

As a result of Constar’s commitment to performance they have been awarded the following certifications:


KOCO MOTION Gmbh is located in Dauchingen, Germany, a town in the well known Black Forest region. The company is a manufacturer and distributor of small flat DC motors and special brushless DC motors (BLDC motors) as well as highly integrated motion control products.

The company has a close working relationship with Constar Micromotor Co. and has been importing and marketing their products in Europe. This, when considered together with the in-depth knowledge of motor manufacturing and markets held by KOCO MOTION, is a solid foundation for the jointly owned KOCO DC-MOTION, Inc. in the United States. 

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