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The past decades have witnessed that robots have freed people from many dangerous and burdensome tasks; with the combination of robots and artificial intelligence, the future robot industry will play a more important role in people's work and life. Constar has designed motors with various structures and sizes for robots, which can be used together with a variety of structure encoders, and gear sets with different reduction ratios, so as to meet personalized needs of different types of robot.

Industrial Robot

The Constar industrial robot motor manufactured has

  • high power density,
  • fast response,
  • high efficiency and
  • maintenance-free,

which helps to improve the performance of industrial robot and reduce the maintenance cost.

Surgical Robots

The Constar surgical robot motor designed adopts coreless coil structure and no slot effect. With the characteristics such as

  • high speed,
  • high torque,
  • high precision and
  • fast response,

the motor can realize precise position control and meet the precise and complex motion requirements of robots. 

Entertainment Robot

The Constar DC micro-motor designed has reasonable structure and excellent performance.

It is widely used in many kinds of entertainment robots such as

  • soccer robot,
  • toy robot and
  • dance robot,

and helps them complete a series of complex movements.

Floor Mopping Robot

Constar has designed a variety of DC core motors for the floor mopping robot, which can provide all-round driving solutions for the floor mopping robot

  • to walk,
  • absorb dust,
  • roll mopping and
  • edge mopping. 

Teaching Robot

The Constar teaching robot motor designed has the characteristics of

  • compact structure,
  • small volume, l
  • ow power dissipation and
  • stable operation.

It can work with control module of the teaching robot to meet the requirements of teaching demonstration and experimental teaching.

Commercial Service Robot

Constar has designed

  • multi-structured and
  • multi-sized micro motors

for commercial service robots, ensuring the commercial robots to be applied in various occasions and to be personalized.

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