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Automotive Intelligence Systems

Focusing on DC motor applications for automotive intelligent systems, Constar has developed a series of Micromotors which are widely used in such parts as LDW system, Lidar, electronic throttle, audio-visual-feel alerts, windshields wiper, window, and power steering system. 

Lane Departure Warning System (LDW System)

Nowadays, the high attention to car safety promotes the expanding use of lane departure warning system (LDW) to reduce traffic accidents due to lane deviation.
The LDW system usually uses the vibration motor to produce its warning function.
Constar has designed a group of precision vibration motors specifically for LDW systems providing:

  • high reliability
  • strong vibration
  • and long service life

Intelligent Vehicle Laser Radar

Laser Radar is mainly applied in intelligent vehicles for ranging of obstacles and other vehicles.
Most Laser Radar sensors are connected to a drive motor that rotates them for scanning. The Laser Radar’s field of view depends entirely on the angle at which the motor rotates it.
The high precision brushless DC motor designed by Constar can meet the Laser Radar requirements of

  • high precision
  • long life 

Electronic Throttle

Electronic throttle presents an important control unit of the automobile engine.
Compared with the traditional mechanical throttle, the electronic throttle more accurately controls the fuel supplied to the engine, further improving fuel economy, reducing emissions, and obtaining more satisfactory handling performance.
Constar has designed the precision drive motor for the electronic throttle with

  • long life and
  • sensitive start/stop

which helps the electronic throttle realize its accurate control function. 

Electric Power Steering System (EPS)

The EPS is a kind of power steering system that relies on a DC motor to supply the auxilliary torque, providing such advantages as:

  • energy-saving
  • environment friendly
  • good vehicle handling

Compared with the traditional Hydraulic Power Steering system (HPS), the electric power steering eliminates the hydraulic device, and the DC motor provides important steering support. 

Windshield Wiper

The power source for the wiper consists of a DC motor and a reduction gearbox (or worm gear). This in turn drives the crank and linkage mechanism providing the necessary back and forth wiping motion.
The motor is selected according to the load of the wiper and mechanism but generally is relatively small in size and high in power.

Car Tail Gate

With the emergence of increased vehicle safety and intelligence features there is also an increase of convenience features. Long have existed electric windows and door locks. But to this list has been added the automatic Tail Gate (Trunk) opener. 

The electric tail gate assembly includes components such as

  • DC motor
  • reducer strut
  • bracket
  • magnet lock
  • controller and button

Electric Car Seats

Iron core DC motors are the standard source of power for the multi-axis of motion on automobile electric seats, thus providing the comfort and controllability demanded by customers.
The seat motors must achieve high power output in a minimum volume. Moreover, higher requirements have also been placed on

  • noise
  • smooth motion
  • and life 
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