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Personal Care Products

Technology is changing the world and is very apparent in the expansion and improvement of Healthcare, Beauty, and Grooming products now available to the consumer. The constantly increasing demand for these products is the driving force for their continued development and enhancement. Modern beauty and other Personal Care Products are generally characterized by miniaturization, portability, rechargeable battery powered, automation and even some intelligence. DC motors with high efficiency and low noise are the preferred power source. For Personal Care Products Constar has designed a broad line of DC motors including Sonic Motor, Brushless Motor, Coreless Motor, and Iron Core Motor, The Sonic Motor is widely used in electric toothbrush, facial cleanser, tattoo instrument, massager, eyebrow trimmer, electric shaver and more.

Electric Toothbrush

Constar has designed various DC motor solutions for the Electric Toothbrush, the most significant being the innovative and patented Sonic Motor which has a well-received following and advantages over alternate solutions.

  • low noise
  • high frequency
  • high torque 
  • long service life

Electric Shaver

The Constar motors used for Electric Shaver feature the following characteristics.

  • smooth operation
  • stable performance
  • low noise 
  • low vibration

All of which work to make a smooth and comfortable shaving experience.


The Constar motors used for Massager feature the following characteristics.

  • precise structure
  • stable performance
  • small size
  • low power consumption
  • low noise
  • excellent controlability

All helping to provide consumers with a comfortable massage experience.

Facial Cleanser

Constar client manufacturers have a the following broad range of DC products with which to power and meet the various specifications of their specific facial cleaner products.

  • Sonic motors
  • Iron core motors
  • Coin machine motors
  • Coreless motors

Eyebrow Trimmer

The Constar Precision Gearmotor used for Eyebrow Trimmer has the following advantages, thus ensuring no skin injury and beautiful eyebrows.

  • small size
  • high reduction ratio
  • stable smooth operation
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