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Industrial and Agricultural Automation

Micro-motor is an important component in industrial and agricultural automation applications. It plays an important role in the accuracy, reliability and working efficiency of the system. With 20 years of experience in the R & D and production of DC micro-motors, Constar provides various intelligent equipment and electric power tools, such as precision coreless motors, DC brushless motors widely used in machine tools, fans, dispensers, nail guns, electric screwdrivers and garden scissors. 

Electric Screw Driver

Electric screwdriver, alias cordless screwdriver, which is mainly used for assembly line, is a necessary tool for many production enterprises. Brushless electric screwdriver is characterized by

  • low friction,
  • smooth operation,
  • low noise,
  • small vibration,
  • high security,
  • long life and
  • maintenance-free,

which is welcomed by operators. Constar has designed micro inner rotor brushless motors for electric scre

Garden Automatic Pruning Tools

Garden pruning is one of the most important tasks in orchard management.

The lawn mower and pruning shears are widely used in daily work. While, manual tools give way to automatic tools, which will greatly improve efficiency and save energy.

To that end, we have developed external rotor brushless motors with high-power. 

Nail Gun

In the construction industry, interior decoration and other industries, nail fixing is common seen.

Because of low efficiency of manual nailing and large volume of pneumatic tools, the appearance of portable gas nail gun becomes popular in the industry. The gas nailing gun starts to work through the high pressure gas produced by the gas explosion.

The DC motor is applied to the devices including gas mixing, exhauster and launcher of the nailing gun, which is of great importance on the performance of the nailing gun. Constar has specially developed iron core carbon brush motor, coreless motor and brushless motor with good impact resistance for gas nail gun, which can meet the need of high pressure inside gas nail gun. 

Laser Particle Sizer

Laser particle sizer analyzes the particle size through the diffraction of the particle or the spatial distribution of the scattered light (scattering spectrum). It is widely used in powder processing, application and research because of its advantages of fast testing speed, wide testing range and good repeatability. The Constar precision DC coreless motor designed can be used in laser particle sizer and power-assisted instrument to achieve rapid and accurate measurement. 

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