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With the arrival of 5G, the data transmission is more efficient and faster, and the exchange of information between smart homes is more frequent and complex, making the reliability of hardware play an important role. Motor is an essential part of driving force system. Constar provides smart home motor with miniature, high efficiency, low noise, long service life, which is widely used in intelligent door locks, surveillance cameras, intelligent curtains, intelligent lighting, intelligent water meters, intelligent bags and other applications.

Intelligent door lock

Wireless-controlled electronic locks have been widely used in various fields such as

  • home,
  • hotel and
  • express delivery.

As an important part of the intelligent door lock to provide power, the motor mainly controls the opening and locking of the lock core with the gearbox.

Constar can customize the intelligent door lock motor solution

  • with coreless motor (or iron core motor)
  • with planetary gearbox (or metal spur gearbox). 

Auto Curtain

The motor used for auto curtain is to drive the electric curtain back and forth along the track through its own CW and CCW rotation to realize the opening and closing of the curtain.

The reduction motor solution composed of

  • high power precision coreless motor
  • and metal planet gear

developed by Constar is widely used in this field. 

Intelligent Water Meter

The remote-controlled intelligent water meter has been popularized. The ball valve used in the intelligent water meter is mainly driven by DC motor.

Its working principle is as follows: The DC motor starts after receiving the instruction of the controller, the reducer slows down the speed of the motor, increases the torque to drive the ball valve to rotate, so as to achieve the function of opening and closing.

Constar has developed a solution of micro coreless motor (or cored motor) with planetary gearbox (or spur gearbox).

With small volume and high torque, the product can meet the requirements that intelligent water meter ball valve is used in narrow space. 

Vacuum Cleaner

The vacuum cleaner uses the electric motor to drive the blade to rotate at high speed, and produces the air negative pressure in the sealed shell to absorb the dust.

The main performance requirements of vacuum cleaner motor are high speed, high torque and small size.

We can provide high-power core motor, coreless motor, brushless motor solutions, so as to provide strong suction for the vacuum cleaner.

Air Purifiers

The carrying out of the PM2.5 standard promotes people to pay more attention to the quality of daily breathing air. Moreover, the spread of the novel coronavirus in the air makes the air purifier more popular.

The function of the motor in the air purifier is to drive the fan to control the air circulation flow, and its performance has an important influence on the wind power, purifying effect, vibration and noise of the purifier.

Constar has developed a DC brushless motor with good quiet operation, long service life and stable control for air purifier. 

Food Cleaner/ Food Cleaning Machine

Pesticide residues in food, heavy metals and bacteria will hurt the health of family members. The food cleaner (food cleaning machine) can purify food and reduce the risk of food poisoning or unsafe food.

According to the requirements of customers, Constar has developed an external rotor brushless DC motor, which is specially used in food cleaner (food cleaning machine).

The product is designed with flat structure and threaded shaft, which is easy to install and has the advantages of high precision and low noise.

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