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Constar gimbal brushless motor stabilization effect is strong, good stability, low failure rate, high Angle correction accuracy and long service life, in order to meet the customized needs of customers and the hollow shaft and the shaft structure, optional hall sensor. widely used in monitoring, drones, handheld stabilizer, laser radar, and other fields.

Handheld gimbal stabilizer, smartphone stabilizer

The rise of instant video platforms and various kinds of video marketing, such as Tik Tok, Kuaishou and YouTube, has made it possible for many ordinary people to record and share their lives by making videos.

Handheld gimbal stabilizer can install small camera, camera, smart phone and other shooting tools, and it is small in size and easy to carry, which is deeply loved by people.

Constar can supply brushless gimbal motors with diameter of 15mm-43mm to meet the requirements of various kinds of handheld gimbal stabilizer for high-quality drive motors. 

UAV Gimbal

In addition to leisure and entertainment, remote-controlled aerial camera UAV has been more widely used in geological survey, high-voltage transmission line inspection, oil field pipeline inspection, highway management, forest fire prevention inspection, gas investigation, anti-drug, emergency rescue, ambulance and other civil fields.

The quality of gimbal motor, which is for controlling the airborne camera stability and rotation angle, is very important.

Our factory can customize high-precision, high-stability, long-life brushless outer rotor gimbal motor to help UAV to achieve high-definition shooting.

Smart Camera Gimbal

With the promotion of wireless network in recent years, the camera gimbal has been upgraded from an ordinary type to an intelligent one, with

  • high precision,
  • high torque
  • and high speed.

It can realize perfect cruise display through control, and can achieve accurate positioning.

The micro gimbal motors manufactured by Constar have full range, the parameters can be customized, hall sensors and encoders can be configured according to customer requirements. 

Laser Radar Gimbal

Laser radar is widely used in navigation field, such as obstacle avoidance of robot/UAV and self-driving of intelligent vehicle.

With the help of left-right rotation and up-and-down motion of the gimbal, the laser radar can measure the distance and motion state of the object.

The gimbal motor of laser radar developed by Constar is small in size, high in load, high in precision and sensitive in response.

It can meet the requirements of use of laser radar in all directions. There are two options of hollow shaft and output shaft for the motor.

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